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Seismic Retrofitting Services

We provide seismic retrofitting on soft-story apartment buildings and single-family homes. Seismic retrofitting adds the necessary structural components needed so that your structure will be able to withstand the strong forces that occur during an earthquake.

Multi-Family Homes (Soft-Story Buildings)

Our seismic retrofitting services on multi-family apartment buildings will help prevent the potential for damage and even loss of lives during the next earthquake so that your building will still be standing when the shaking stops.


What We Do:


1. We analyze your building's structure in order to determine the best way to strengthen it. If it's a multi-family building, this will involve having a seismic engineer come in to ensure that the retrofits will meet standard requirements and adheres to all related ordinances and applicable laws.


2. We do the work. This can involve everything from adding shear walls, steel frames or simply strengthening existing walls. However, adding shear walls will help with adding lateral stability while adding steel frames to the ground floor will increase the building's strength.



Soft-story apartment building in L.A. County

Above is a typical soft story apartment building in L.A. County, which features the common characteristic of un-reinforced openings on the ground floor.

Single Family Home Retrofitting

Many homes have a short-framed wall, or "cripple wall" under the first floor that needs to be strengthened in order to prevent it from falling or sliding off of its foundation during an earthquake. decreasing the chance for potential earthquake damage.


What We Do:


1. We Bolt and sill plates in the crawl space of your home in order to strengthen the connection between the wood frame of your home and the concrete foundation.


2. We Brace in your home's crawl space with plywood which will help keep the house from falling off its foundation during an earthquake.

Crawl Space (Below)

Seismic Retrofitting performed in the crawlspace of an older single-family home.

3. We strap and fasten your home's water heater in order to reduce the likelihood of water and fire damage. This consequently also protects the water supply.

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